01 Nov

229 The Venue gig

Temple Velocity’s next live show is on Saturday, November 22, 2014 @ 229 The Venue.

Show starts @ 7pm but TV’s stage time is around 8 – 9pm. 

‘…ripping basslines with an effects blaring guitar….plus, a drummer who plays like he stepped straight off an adrenaline needle…….and if I’m not mistaken, you were playing a left hander Hendrix style? You guys are like Muse without the orchestral’ Jason Munro

 ‘Temple Velocity sees itself as a ‘Peoples Champion’ We were not born into rich families and we’ve had to fight our way, work hard to get our first instruments… we are not special in anyway. The music is made and written for the people and they relate to us lyrically and musically’ Lucian interviewed by Trev Ward http://skyhighradio.co.uk/en/podcasts/

Here’s the event details:

https://www.facebook.com/events/713942858688577/ from where you can also access the ticket link. Please let us know if you’d like additional info.
All the best and see you at the show.

Temple Velocity

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  • I wish I could be there! All the best and upload the vids so we can watch around the world!