07 Jun

Review of Viking Fest 2 gig by Uber Rock

London foursome Temple Velocity offer up some alternative, straight-at-ya rock. An element of coolness is evident within the band – you can’t beat a left handed bassist/vocalist concoction. The group tightness is there shining away with an intelligence and with a mindful musical eye on that all important commercial side of things. Neat arrangements on tunes such as ‘Alice’ – extremely catchy and hooky little ditties on these bass-driven tracks like ‘Giving Up’ and ‘I Will Fight For You’, closing the set with ‘Trigger Happy’, an almost ’70s-inspired glam composition (or am I slightly insane?). Well, whatever the case this band can rock.

Live review from Evi Ebbw Vale now up online on Uber Rock – we hope you guys like this one.

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