29 Aug

Temple Velocity fans quotes

JASON MUNRO (after the gig):
– …ripping basslines with an effects blaring guitar….plus, a drummer who plays like he
stepped straight off an adrenaline needle…….and if I’m not mistaken, you were
playing a left hander Hendrix style? You guys are like Muse without the orchestral
bullshit…love it!


-…love your sound guys added to the music blog for ongoing sharing… love the sound.
keep up the great work guys… love it BMB xxx


QUOTE FROM Steve Inglis (Artist) :

EMOTION DISTORTION …fantastic. In fact all your songs are. You are very very good.
– “I am really digging your tracks! Your style is refreshing in a copy and paste industry of music”.


Four guys with the desire to leave an imprint to never ending world of rock music…
Temple Velocity are exotic rock band. Comparing our music to anyone out there is not easy either but that is not a bad thing. Temple Velocity stands alone in their quest, quality and desire to inspire generations to come. We are not entitled to write about ourselves more than we already did. We will leave the rest for You to fill in the gaps.

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  • Alejandro moreno

    Great performance last gig in The Good Ship. I’m really into your music right now, Whisper in the rain… such a great song! Keep up the good music!